Walbro Fuel Pump Kit – 250LPH


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Walbro 250lph Fuel Pump Kit E85 Safe F10000302

High pressure fuel pump kit, E85 rated and suited to returnless and return systems. Genuine AU stock, comes with installation kit including:

  • Fuel Pump
  • Pickup filter
  • Wire harness

High pressure fuel pump kit, E85 rated and suited to return less and return systems. Originally designed as an upgraded fuel pump for the Ford GT Supercar, this pump is 36.5mm diameter vs Walbro GSS34x pumps which have a 39.5mm diameter. 8.5mm / 3/8″ Outlet.

F10000128: OE Ford GT Supercar pump
F10000302: Improved version of the OE Ford GT Supercar Pump
  • Both operate under the same voltage tables
  • The F10000302 is E85 compatible, the F10000128 is not.
  • At 13.5V and 40 psi, the F10000302 is rated for 250 lph, the F10000128 is rated for 224 lph.
  • The F10000302 has a pressure relief valve, the F10000128 does not
  • The F10000302 uses Delphi connectors, the F10000128 has blade connectors directly on the pump
  • Does not contain a check valve – ideal for use as a near-silent lift pump in surge tank applications

Product code: F10000302


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