Turbosmart – Oil Pressure Regulator (V2) Billet Bracket



Turbosmart Oil Pressure Regulator (OP2) (V2) Billet Bracket 

Billet Mounting Bracket to suit Turbosmart Oil Pressure Regulator (V2).

This is a neat little add on for your OPR V2 if you want to remote mount the OPR, or if you have made a bracket and don’t want it suspended in the line where it can potentially get damaged.

Your turbo oil pressure regulator should be mounted at least 100mm from any significant heat source.


  • Turbosmart OPR Main Unit
  • Turbosmart Sticker
Turbosmart Recommendations 
  • Turbosmart recommends that your turbo oil pressure regulator (OPR) is fitted by an appropriately qualified technician  
  • Turbosmart recommends that your engine oil pressure is checked after fitment to ensure engine oil and turbo oil pressure is satisfactory.  
  • Turbosmart recommends that the oil pressures are monitored closely.  
  • Turbosmart recommends that in the event of an engine failure the filter and O Rings be replaced with the rebuild kit(TS-0801-3001)  and thoroughly clean the internals inspecting for any damage before reassembly. 


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