Turbosmart – Big Bubba Plumb Back BPV


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Turbosmart Big Bubba BPV ‘By-Pass Valve’ BOV (Sleeper)

Big Bubba From Turbosmart exists because sometomes Bigger is Better! Big Bubba is a piston style valve for large capacity supercharged and turbocharged engines including diesels! If you’re looking for an inconspicous valve for a small capacity, low loost daily driver, you will need to look elsewhere!

Turbosmart’s Boost-Balance System means the more boost you feed this valve, the better it closes and seals – It is literally as simple as that. The 2 inch piston design is an expansion of our traditional BOV5 design, simply expanded to provide big flow and fitment options.


  • Billet Aluminium Construction
  • 2.0 Inch / 50.8mm Piston
  • Australian Made, Hand Assembled & Tested
  • Boost-Balance Technology with Positive Seal O ring
  • Aluminium V-Band Fitment
  • Cap Adjustable Spring Pre-Load
  • Multiple Springs Options Available (7,12,17 and 21 InHg)

Supplied with:

  • Black Big Bubba with black body
  • Alloy Hose Adapter/Weld Flange
  • V-Band Clamp
  • Green Spring Rated -12 to -8 InHg (installed)
  • Turbosmart sticker


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