Platinum Racing Products – IGN-35A High Output Ignition Coil



Platinum Racing Products IGN-35A Ignition Coil

PRP have been working on this for a few years now, and the basic concept is simply an IGN1A ignition coil head moulded into a R35/VR38 base.

So basically you can upgrade any R35 coil kit whether it’s made by Platinum Racing Products or anyone else and swap the coil head over and save yourself the hassle and expense of trying to mount, fit and wire IGN1A’s and then fiddle with leads as this is a true COP solution. (Coil on plug)

Platinum Racing Products have had these in testing in a handful of 1000+Hp RB’s for around a year now and decided they were ready to go into full production after consistent success after they ironed out the bugs. These monsters put out over double the punch of a genuine R35 coil and are rated to 4000hp (in a 6 cylinder set up). Even if that seems excessive in your 1000hp set up, the results are impressive.
As they had complete control of the housing without constraints, they were able to modify primary coil configuration to make the current draw ~20% more efficient than your regular IGN1A coilpack. This allowed their 3 pin circuit to still utilise PRP’s current r35 coil harnesses without requiring significant wiring upgrades, it also takes the R35 3 pin R35 connectors.

These Ignition Coils allow for a more efficient and longer burn, as offered by the IGN1A, and since the IGN1A is the most powerful smart coil PRP have ever tested, they decided to combine them as an upgrade to their extensive line of R35 coil kits.

*Note: This listing is for a single IGN-35A ignition coilpack, not including any stalks*


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