Plazmaman Plazmaclamp Aluminium Weld-Ons


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Plazmaman Aluminium Weld-on Sleeves for the range of Plazmaclamps (2″- 5″)

The Aluminium Weld-On Sleeves are a direct, genuine replacement part for the Plazmaclamp range. If by the very rare chance you’ve damaged your weld-on by dropping it or otherwise,  this will be a direct replacement for your clamp.

  • 6061 T65 Grade aluminium
    • This grade of aluminium has good weldability and is a strong option for 6061 aluminium. 
  • In house precision machined by Plazmaman in Sydney, Australia
  • Guaranteed quality and reliable product

Note: Please be aware that the Plazmaclamps Aluminium Weld-Ons require TIG (aluminium) welding to install.

Available Weld-On Sizes: 

  • 2″
  • 2.5″
  • 2.75″
  • 3″
  • 3.5″
  • 4″
  • 5″

Why Plazmaman:

As an Australian business founded in 1988 in Sydney, Plazmaman is our manufacturer of choice for high end cooling and performance solutions. Their products are build for street, racing, diesel and industrial markets and are highly regarded in each for quality and performance. All Plazmaman products are manufactured in their Sydney facility, which includes an R&D department. At Street Race Solutions, we utilise the full range of Plazmaman products in our builds, from Plazmaman Intercoolers, Intake Manifolds, Plazmaclamps, Throttle Body Adapters and Kits, we would recommend Plazmaman as a brand of choice.


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