Nitto SR20 2.2L Stroker Kit



Part Number Bore Stroke Material Connecting Rod Rod Length Capacity
NIT-STK-SR20I865 86.5MM/+0.020″ 91MM 4340 I-Beam 136.3MM 2.2L
NIT-STK-SR20I87 87MM/+0.040″ 91MM 4340 I-Beam 136.3MM 2.2L
NIT-STK-SR20H865 86.5MM/+0.020″ 91MM 4340 H-Beam 136.3MM 2.2L
NIT-STK-SR20H87 87MM/+0.040″ 91MM 4340 H-Beam 136.3MM 2.2L


The SR20 is Nissan’s premier 4 cylinder engine. In the highly competitive Japanese 4 cylinder market, the SR20 is right up there fighting at the top end of the scale, being used in a vast array of applications. Circuit racing, drag racing and drifting are some of the places you may see SR20 powered cars and, of course, the street.

The market for billet stroker its for the SR20 is strong, with the potential for greater torque, more power and more revs acting as an enticing prospect. The Nitto SR20 2.2L stroker kit can be seen in many applications in the World Time Attack Challenge and on the drag strip, where strength, reliability, power and revs are of paramount importance. The kit is widely acclaimed and is has been used in the Motive Video World Time Attack S14 for many years now.

The kit consists of Nitto/CP pistons, in either 86.5mm/+0.020″ or 87mm/+0.040″, cut from the Turbo HD forging, PVD Turbo ring set for the ultimate sealing capabilities and, of course, the CP 9310 wrist pins. Nitto 136.3mm I-beam and H-beam configuration connecting rods are both available for the stroker kit and come with ARP 2000 rod bolts as standard. The option to purchase Custom Age 625 rod bolts is also available on purchase. Finally, the Nitto SR20 2.2L 4340 stroker crank is also included in the kit.


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