Genuine Nissan RB Rear Main Seal (RB20, RB25, RB26, RB30)


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Genuine Nissan RB Rear Main Seal

OEM Nissan Rear Main Crankshaft Oil Seal – Genuine Nissan RB20E(T), RB20DE(T), RB25DE(T), RB26DETT & RB30E(T) (Including Neo 6).

R31 Skyline (RB30)
R32 Skyline (RB20)
R32 Skyline GTR (RB26)
R33 Skyline (RB25)
R33 Skyline GTR (RB26)
R34 Skyline (RB25)
R34 Skyline GTR (RB26)
C34 Laurel (RB20)
C34 Laurel (RB25)
C35 Laurel (RB20)
C35 Laurel (RB25)
WC34 Stagea (RB20)
WC34 Stagea (RB25)
AWC34 Stagea (RB26)

This item supersedes, or is interchangeable with, the following part number(s):

  • Nissan 12279-5L300
  • Nissan 12279-75T00
  • Nissan 12279-05U10
  • Nissan 12279-58S00
  • Nissan 12279-85G00
  • Nissan 12279-42L00


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