Kinsler Fuel Pressure Regulator



Fuel Pressure Regulator / Fuel Pressure Relief Valve

The K-140 Fuel Pressure Regulator 12100 Series has the highest flow capacity with the lowest pressure rise of any valve on the market. This regulator is available in four different spring combinations to support up to 230 PSI of fuel pressure.


  • High Flow Capacity with Accurate Pressure Control
  • Methanol and Gasoline Compatible
  • Aluminium Hard Anodized Housing
  • Adjustable Screw and Vacuum/Boost Reference

Available Spring Combinations:

  • -12106 is compatible for 49 – 106 PSI  and 3.4 – 7.3 BAR
  • -12108 is compatible for 57 – 123 PSI  and 4.0 – 8.4 BAR
  • -12110 is compatible for 72 – 152 PSI  and 5.0 – 10.4 BAR
  • -12116 is compatible for 88 – 203 PSI  and 6.1 – 16.0 BAR


  • Inlet Details: 2 – 8AN Female
  • Outlet Details: 1 – 6 AN Male Flare
  • Weight: 190.5 grams

Note: AN Fittings not included, click here to shop Speedflow or get in contact with our team and we can put together a kit to suit your application – 07 4062 3858.

Optional with this regulator is a laser cut insulated mount including 4 lefts to reduce any noises/vibrations that may be felt through the fuel system. Choose between:

  • Regulator Only
  • Insulated Bracket Only
  • Regulator + Insulated Bracket


Founded in 1967, the Kinsler team has been supplying the High-Performance and Racing World with the Highest Quality fuel injection systems and components. Their team have over 415 man years of combined experience. In their 56+ years they have acquired vast experience and delivered fuel systems in many motorsport vehicles across road race, spring cars, midgets, boats, Indy 500, NASCAR cup, drags, motorcycles, Bonneville, street, pullers, mud and sand drafts, snowmobiles, watercraft and more.


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