Kelford Cams SR20DET Camshafts (S13 Non-VCT)



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Kelford Cams SR20DET Camshafts (S13 Non-VCT)

This Kelford Cams SR20DET Camshafts range of street and race track proven camshafts are for the SR20DET non-NVCS hydraulic lifter engines. This range of cams gives customers the benefits of increasing power and extending the life of their parts.

The Kelford Cams SR20DET catalogue offering caters for a range of applications, including the ultimate drift specification which features low seat to seat duration for fast spool and lots of top end power.

However, if you can’t find your perfect camshaft within this listing, please contact us to discuss your requirements and the endless range of SR20DET camshafts available.

188-A Camshaft Set:

  • 260°/266° | 11.80mm/11.00mm Valve Lift
  • Street performance cams for Nissan Silvia Turbo SR20DET
  • Improved low to mid-range power and good throttle response
  • Ideal for 54mm-60mm turbos.
  • Requires valve spring upgrade
  • Kelford Cams recommend KVS93 or KVS93-BT valve spring upgrade

188-A2 Camshaft Set:

  • 266°/270° | 11.00mm/11.00mm Valve Lift
  • High performance drop-in cams to suit Nissan Silvia S13 Turbo SR20DET engines with stock valve springs.
  • More top end power than the EZ
  • Ideal for 48-60mm turbo upgrade

188-B Camshaft Set:

  • 268°/272° | 12.00mm/11.50mm Valve Lift
  • Ultimate drift cams featuring maximum lobe area and low duration for fast spool and more top end power
  • Suits 58mm-66mm turbo
  • Requires valve spring upgrade
  • Kelford Cams recommend KVS93 or KVS93-BT over 29psi boost.

188-C Camshaft Set:

  • 280°/280° | 12.50mm/12.00mm Valve Lift
  • 280° racing cams to suit Nissan S13 SR20DET engines with 64mm-72mm turbo
  • Best suited to wide open throttle and high rpm power
  • Requires valve spring upgrade
  • Kelford Cams recommend KVS93-BT

188-D Camshaft Set:

  • 284°/290° | 12.50mm/12.00mm Valve Lift
  • 284°/290° drag racing cams
  • Suits 67mm+ turbo running high boost, ported head with +1mm valves
  • Suits fuel types E85 or methanol
  • Kelford Cams recommend valve spring KVS93-BT

Why Kelford Cams?

Kelford Cams has built an enviable international reputation for design, innovation & superior quality driven manufacturing techniques.

Based just next door in Christchurch, New Zealand, Kelford Cams started life as a specialist regrind workshop to an international powerhouse for automotive enthusiasts. From novice to professional engine builders.

Today, Kelford products are the valve and camshaft component supplier of choice for rifting, Street, Circuit, 1/4 Mile Drag, Rally and more. Kelford Cams believe the winning combination starts at the design stage.

The Kelford Cams SR20 catalogue includes: Camshafts, Valve Springs, and a range of valve train components for Nissan and leading automotive brands. Kelford dominates the performance aftermarket with World First Camshaft design & releases including BMW B58/Supra A90, Subaru FA20, Toyota GR Yaris & GR Corolla & more to be announced.


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