Kelford Cams RB30 Camshaft (Hydraulic & Solid Lifters)



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Kelford Cams RB30 Camshaft

The single over head cam Nissan RB30 engine was made from 1985-1991, originally for the Nissan Skyline and Patrol. Holden bought the rights to use the engine for the very popular VL Commodore. This Kelford Cams range has been used with great success in many hot street, track racing and drag racing engines.

If you can’t find your perfect camshaft within our catalogue, please contact us to discuss your requirements and the endless range of camshaft customisations available.

226-E RB30 Camshaft:

  • 260°/260° | 113° Lobe Separation | 10.90mm/10.90mm Lift
  • 260° turbo street performance cam with good low to mid-range increase in power and good throttle response
  • Maintains good street drivability and suitable for towing
  • Turbo sizing 48-58mm
  • Suits hydraulic lifters
  • Kelford Cams recommend KVS226 valve springs

226-F RB30 Camshaft:

  • 274°/274° | 113° Lobe Separation | 12.95mm/12.95mm Lift
  • 274° turbo performance cam for street/strip and track cars, good increase in mid-range power
  • Turbo sizing 54-64mm for engines producing around 400-650hp
  • Great with E85 or ethanol blend.
  • Cam suits hydraulic lifters
  • Kelford Cams recommend KVS226-T valve springs

226-G RB30 Camshaft:

  • 284°/292° | 114° Lobe Separation | 13.70mm/13.70mm Lift
  • 284°/292°  turbo racing cam for well modified street/strip or track cars with a good increase in mid-range to high rpm power
  • Suits turbo sizing 62mm+ for engines producing over 550hp
  • Great with E85 or ethanol blend fuel
  • Cam suits hydraulic lifters
  • Kelford Cams recommend KVS226-T valve springs

226-HS RB30 Camshaft:

  • 296°/304° | 115° Lobe Separation | 13.70mm/13.70mm Lift
  • Turbo racing cam for well built 30E competition engines n- suits various high rpm racing applications
  • Suits turbo sizing 67mm+
  • Great with ethanol blend or methanol fuel
  • Cam suits solid lifter conversion
  • Kelford Cams recommend KVS226-T valve springs

226-IS Camshaft:

  • 304°/314° | 115° Lobe Separation | 13.70mm/13.85mm Lift
  • Solid lifter drag racing cam for high rpm horsepower
  • Suits well built competition engines producing 1000hp+, 76mm+ turbo, high stall, nitrous etc
  • For fuel, Kelford suggest using either an ethanol blend or methanol
  • Cam suits solid lifter conversion
  • Kelford Cams recommend KVS226-T valve springs for optimal performance

Why Kelford Cams?

Kelford Cams has built an enviable international reputation for design, innovation & superior quality driven manufacturing techniques.

Based just next door in Christchurch, New Zealand, Kelford Cams started life as a specialist regrind workshop to an international powerhouse for automotive enthusiasts. From novice to professional engine builders.

Today, Kelford products are the valve and camshaft component supplier of choice for rifting, Street, Circuit, 1/4 Mile Drag, Rally and more. Kelford Cams believe the winning combination starts at the design stage.

The Kelford Cams catalogue includes: Camshafts, Valve Springs, and a range of valve train components for leading automotive brands. Kelford dominates the performance aftermarket with World First Camshaft design & releases including BMW B58/Supra A90, Subaru FA20, Toyota GR Yaris & GR Corolla & more to be announced.


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