HKS Oil Filter Type 7 – D65mm x H66mm, UNF 3/4-16 Nissan


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HKS Oil Filter (Type 7, D65mm x H66mm, UNF 3/4-16) for Nissan CA/FJ/RB/SR (S13)/VG

The HKS Oil Filter has been designed to reduce pressure loss therefore maintaining pressure in the system for high performance vehicles.

  • Designed for reduced pressure loss compared to competing filters
  • Strong filter paper for high viscosity oil and high performance engines
  • Unified body size measuring 68mm x 65H. Filtration performance 25 to 20 to the Japanese JIS standards
  • Recommended for replacement every 10,000km or 6 months. High performance engines recommended to replace every 3,000km.

This items supersedes, or is interchangeable with, the following part number(s):

  • Nissan AY100-NS005
  • Nissan 15208-53J00
  • Nissan 15208-H8904
  • Nissan 15208-H8903
  • Nissan 15208-4A0A0
  • Nissan 15208-H8911
  • Nissan 15208-H8911AU
  • Nissan AY100-KE002
  • Subaru 15601-970202
  • Mazda AY01-14-300A


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