Haltech Wideband O2 Sensor NTK LZA08-H5


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Haltech Wideband O2 Sensor NTK LZA08-H5

Suits: NEXUS Series devices and NTK WB1+WB2 CAN units.

Includes: 1 x NTK LZA08-H5 Wideband Sensor – modified

Notes: Genuine NTK sensor modified by Haltech to improve sensor longevity and accuracy at extremely rich air to fuel ratios by the addition of a thin walled spring steel radial shroud at the sensor tip.

Part Number: HT-01071

Warranty:  This device is strictly non-refundable. If this packaging has been opened or tampered with. This device has been individually electronically tested before packaging and is sold “as is” and without any further warranty. IF you do not accept these terms, please return this device in its original unopened packaging for a full refund.


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