Haltech Triple Switch Panel Kit


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Haltech Triple Switch Panel Kit

Product Overview: 

This Haltech Panel is meant to provide the user with multiple selectable switches to activate different functions within the Elite ECU. It can be used to configure multiple programming profiles for functions like:

  • Torque Management
  • Multiple Fuel/Ignition/Boost/Target AFR Curves
  • Multiple Traction Control Profiles

Haltech 12 Position Rotary Trim Module – (Boost/Fuel/Ign etc)

Panel Only – includes Yellow & Red knobs


  • Three (3) HT-010504 Rotary Trim Modules
  • One (1) HT-010508 Panel
  • One (1) red knob and one (1) yellow knob

Part Number: HT-010510

About Haltech:

Haltech has been at the cutting edge of engine management technology since it first opened its doors back in 1986. Now sold in over 50 countries, Haltech and known for their engine management in many record-setting race vehicles. Dedicated to quality, innovation and passion – Haltech systems are an engine management brand of choice for quality and ease of use.


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