Haltech Laser Ride Height Sensor (25mm – 500mm Range)



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Haltech Ride Height Sensor Laser (25mm – 500mm Range)

Outputs: 0-5v Analogue Output.

Includes: Connection cable, matching male Deutsch DTM-3 Connector (HT-031001) , protective glass lens and setup guide.

Length: 25mm (1″) to 500mm (19.5″) Range

Part Number: HT-011200

How does it work?

Once mounted, the Haltech Laser Ride Height Sensor measures the distance from the sensor to the ground and feeds that information to the ECU. A maximum lift distance can then be set and map the ignition and fuel against the front-end lift and the road speed.

To put it simply, when the front end lifts, the ECU will start cutting ignition or fuel or both. Once the front end comes down and makes contact with the ground the ECU restores the fuel and ignition to its original setting.


Haltech recommend mounting the sensor near the steering rack and between 3″ – 5″ from the ground at static ride height. However, your application may vary and require some adjustment.

The actual laser lens (red panel) needs to be pointing downwards and the wiring harness connection either to the right or to the left. Mounting the Laser Ride Height Sensor incorrectly can result in incorrect ride height readings and trigger an incorrect response from the ECU.


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