Haltech PD16 PDM



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Haltech PD16 PDM

This is Haltech’s new power distribution product. Boasting new, innovative yet user-friendly technology, it sets a new market standard for power distribution systems. Designed to integrate seemlessly into your existing Haltech Elite or Nexus engine management system, this product delivers safe, dependable power delivery to your vehicle.

Suits: Compatible with Haltech Elite and Nexus ECUs ONLY Does not function as a stand-alone PDM.

Includes: 1 x Haltech PD16, 1 x SurLok 120A Connector Red, 1 x USB Key, 1 x USB-C Cable, 1 x USB-C Dust Cap, 1 x Haltech Fabric Keytag, 1 x Quick Start Guide Booklet, Mounting Hardware – (2 x M5 Bolts and Nuts)


  • 10 x High Side Outputs
  • 2 x Half Bridge Outputs
  • 4 x 25A High Current Outputs
  • 8 x Inputs + Dedicated Ignition Switch Input
  • Power for Ignition Switch
  • Integrated into Haltech CAN Bus Network
  • 5V Sensor Supply / Sensor Ground
  • 120A SurLok Connector

Optional Accessories (Sold Seperately)

  • 5m Flying Lead Harness. HT-188000
  • Tube Mount Kit 1.25” HT-039080
  • Tube Mount Kitt 1.625” HT-039082
  • Plug and Pins Set, 34-Pin Keyway 1. HT-030009
  • Plug and Pins Set, DTP06-4s, Black 25A. HT-031201
  • Replacement 120A Red Surlock Connector. HT-030032
  • Manual Cable Lug Crimping Tool. HT-070305
  • Hydraulic Cable Lug Crimping Tool. HT-070306

Part Number: HT-198000


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