Haltech Knock Ears Pro Tuner Kit Dual Channel (2014 Spec)



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Haltech Knock Ears Pro Tuner Kit Dual Channel 2014 Spec

The easy way to detect engine knock

Haltech offers an affordable solution for detecting engine knock in high performance and race vehicles. The Knock Ears are available in single or dual channel models and come with a headset, sensors and wiring loom.


  • Two x 2 wire knock sensors with AMP style connector.
  • Single 3 wire knock sensor lead with shield for
  • Connection to 1 knock sensor.
  • Dual 3 wire knock sensor leads with shield for connection to 2 knock sensors.
  • Dual sensor sensitivity adjustment for fine tuning of the knock sensors.
  • Stereo listening through professional industrial quality headset and ipod style ear pieces.
  • Dual overall volume control on headset.
  • Selectable switch for 1 sensor use, converts to mono listening through headset.
  • Cigarette power supply lead.
  • Battery power supply lead with alligator clips for attachment to battery.
  • Spares kit, assorted terminals for loom repairs.
  • Plastic case with laser engraving.
  • 5 year warranty on Knock Unit.
  • 1 year conditional warranty on all other components

Power Supply Specifications:

  • Powered from any 12 volt power supply
  • Fused on both positive and negative using 0.25 amp fuses
  • Over voltage protected
  • reverse polarity protected

Part Number: HT-070104


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