Haltech Driveshaft Split Collar 2.187″ / 55.55mm


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Haltech Driveshaft Split Collar 2.187″ / 55.55mm

Suits: 2.187″ Driveshaft

A driveshaft split collar is used to secure your driveshaft in place by encircling the driveshaft with two halves of the collar (giving the name “split collar”). The two halves are clamped together around the shaft using two bolts, which are included. This design allows for easy installation and removal without having to disassemble any other components.

A Haltech driveshaft split collar is typically installed to the rear end yoke or coupler. The inside diameter of the split collar should match the outside diameter of the yoke or coupler to ensure proper fitment.

Use this split collar conjunction with a Hall Effect Sensor to enable accurate measurement of driveshaft RPM. Sensor sold separately (click here).


  • Inside Diameter(ID): 2.187″ / 55.55mm
  • Outside Diameter (OD): 3.385″ / 86mm
  • Width (W): 0.375″ / 9.54mm


  • 1 x Driveshaft Split Collar 2.187″ / 55.55mm I.D. 8 Magnet
  • 1 x 5/32 Allen Key


The collar is secured around the shaft using the two cap screws. Ensure the gaps are the same after tightening the cap screws for proper operation.

Position the sensor so it aligns with the outside centre of the collar. Set the gap as per the sensor requirements.

Notes: 8 magnet pickup split collar – suits 2.187″ Driveshaft

Part Number: HT-011703


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