Bosch Electronic Throttle Body 68mm


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Bosch Electronic Throttle Body 68mm Bore

The Bosch Electronic Throttle Body reliably controls air in spark ignition engines when paired with an electronic throttle control system that typically includes the electronic throttle body, accelerator pedal module and electronic control unit (ECU).

Bore Size: 68mm
Also available in 32mm – 82mm

Bolt Pattern: 4x92mm PCD (M6)

Part Number: 0280750156


  • High performance drive by wire (DBW) throttle control
  • Generic use and custom applications
  • Dual potentiometer redundancy
  • Weld on flanges available (contact us)


  • Use mating connector D 261 205 358-01
  • Temperature range from -40°C to 140°C
  • Supply voltage from 6 to 16V

Please note!

The 68mm DBW throttle body requires an electronic accelerator pedal or mechanical pedal with integrated sensors and ECU capable of running ETC!

We utilise in our own builds! If you have any questions about running one of these, give our team a call on 07 4602 3858!

About Bosch Motorsport: 

Bosch Motorsport is a division of the global Bosch Group, a leading supplier of technology and services worldwide. From weekend enthusiast to Formula 1, Bosch has been providing advanced electronics, components and service for motorsport and high performance applications internationally since 1901. Worldwide experience and race proven technology backed by local support is in your race car when you use Bosch Motorsport components.


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