DBA Nissan Skyline R33 Front Brake Rotors (Pair)



DBA Nissan Skyline R33 Front Brake Rotors (Pair) 4000 Series

Would Suit:

  • Nissan Skyline R33

Please note!

This product is sold as a pair. Contact us for individual rotor sales.

We can not accept returns on DBA products.

Direct Brakes Australia 4000 Series

4000 Series disc brake rotors are a direct replacement single piece brake rotor, designed for drivers seeking upgraded performance braking above and beyond standard OE levels.

Cast from high carbon alloyed iron and undergoing Thermal Stability Profiling, DBAs metallurgy can handle the increased stress and heat generated under intense braking applications, time and time again.

Featuring DBAs Kangaroo Paw ventilation that implements a series of 144 diamond and teardrop patterned pillars, DBA achieves up to a 30% increase in surface area and 20% improvement in cooling efficiency (as compared to a traditional straight vane design).


  • Surface Design Slots and/or chamfered drill holes facilitate the exit of friction dust and gasses, for a quieter and more responsive pedal feel.*
  • Anti Rust Painted non-friction areas to prevent rust and enhance appearance.
  • Bi-Directional Use Symmetrical slotting and/or drilling for universal left/right use.*
  • Thermal Stability Profiling Heat treatment cycles realign the microstructure of the iron, resulting in increased rotor stability and durability.
  • Thermal Efficiency Centre-split core castings for increased heat transfer and thermal efficiency.
  • CBN Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) machine turned finish, minimising disc thickness variation and the potential for pad “knock” and resulting premature wear.
  • Thermographic Heat Paint Paint markings change colour at specific temperature thresholds to assist with the monitoring of braking temperatures and rotor fatigue.
  • High Carbon Alloyed Iron Formulation allows for optimal interaction with DBA’s thermal stability profiling (TSP). Increases the capacity of the rotor to handle constant and extreme heat over prolonged periods.
  • Kangaroo Paw Unique Kangaroo Paw vane design for up to 20% better heat dissipation, increasing braking effectiveness and prolonging brake life.*


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