Bullet Race Engineering Honda K Series Billet Block



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Bullet Race Engineering Honda K Series Billet Block

World-beating billet engine blocks for circuit, strip and street. Light, strong, rigid and durable. Bullet’s range of billet engine blocks are changing the game.#CastAintFast

The Bullet Race Engineering Honda K series to suit all K Series applications has been engineered to deliver reliability in 1700hp environments.

Now 2 models available K20 & K24

This product has vastly improved block rigidity and improved deck thickness over the stock unit. Distortion of cylinder bores and crank tunnel is dramatically reduced through increased material thickness and a Bullet 4 bolt main cap system.

This product requires minimal modifications to directly replace the standard block.

The Bullet Honda K series comes in 3 models, Wet or Dry Deck (open or closed deck) with water jackets & a Solid Drag only version.

So Street-Strip-Circuit-Bullet has you covered!


Name of product Honda K Series (suits all K series applications)
Actual Weight 36kg
Block Material 6061 aircraft grade billet aluminium
Design improvements 4 bolt mains, increased block deck and cylinder wall thickness. Ductile iron performance sleeves fitted.
Studs included ARP 8740 1/2” Head and 7/16” Main studs.
Modifications required to fit Remote oil filter & external oil pump required. Electric water pump.
Modifications to head required Drill out head stud holes to 14mm. Two head dowel counterbores need to be increased to 15mm.
HP rating 1700*
Significant benefits Significantly increased rigidity and durability. May be bored to 89mm.
Finish Raw machined
Options available Bullet Fire Ring Head Sealing System. Wet Deck, Dry Deck and Solid Block options.


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