ATI SR20 Harmonic Balancer

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ATI SR20 Harmonic Balancer

ATI Super Damper SR20 Harmonic Balancer suits Nissan SR20 4-Cylinder and are ideal for high performance and racing engines. This balancer is designed to eliminate harmful torsional crankshaft harmonics that cause horsepower loss.

At Street Race Solutions, we utilise the ATI Harmonic Balancers on every build. These kits are designed to handle higher RPM and horsepower than factory balancers and are an ideal upgrade for high performance applications.

Not sure if this balancer is right for your application? Please contact us and our team can help out!

Note: Power steering pulley is 11% UD.

Suits all SR20DE & SR20DET Rear Wheel Drive applications (Nissan Silvia S13, S14, S15, 180SX).

The patented ATI Super Damper Standard Harmonic Balancers are the only crankshaft dampers designed exclusively for high performance engines.

Inner and outer shells are available in aluminum or steel, and contain a steel inertia weight. The inertia weights have six (2-ring design) or eight (3-ring design) computer-machined grooves to retain the proper durometer O-rings (dyno tested for each application). Whether you race or just drive on the street, ATI harmonic balancers are the perfect choice.


    • Eliminates torsional crankshaft vibrations
    • Exceeds SFI 18.1 specs
    • Black zinc chromate finished
    • OEM equipment on a variety of crate engines
    • Tunable, rebuildable, and extremely efficient at all rpm
    • Laser-engraved 360° timing marks
    • Supercharger and power steering drive pulleys available for some applications


  • Shell Material: Aluminum Shell
  • Hub Material: Steel
  • Outer Diameter: 5.5″ OD
  • Total Weight: 1.63 KG
  • Inertia Weight: 1.03 KG

Part Number: ATI918582

About ATI Harmonic Balancers:

ATI is a family owned and operated American business that has been in operation since 1961. With beginnings in automatic transmissions, ATI has grown to boast a range of high performance parts including competition transmissions such as the Superglide®, converters, valve bodies and of course, Super Dampers®. Now located just outside of Baltimore, Maryland USA, ATI manufacture their products in America and export all over the world. They have earned a reputation of cutting edge technology, attention to detail and rigorous testing under race conditions.


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