ARP Fastener Assembly Lubricant


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Fastener Assembly Lubricant

The result of several years of extensive R&D is a remarkable assembly lube called ARP Ultra-Torque®. Ultra-Torque® clearly provides the clamp load repeatability and consistency that no other fastener assembly lubricant on the market today can provide.

Clamp load repeatability and consistency from a fastener to fastener perspective, should be the number one consideration when choosing a fastener assembly lubricant. Remember even the best fastener is only as good as its installation.

Using ARP Fastener Assembly Lubricant gets you within 5% of the required pre-load on the first pull and stays consistent with each subsequent cycle-race prep, machining, pre-assembly and final assembly. Premium grade moly base with rust and corrosion inhibitors. Effective lubrication range -30° to 550°F, with a load range of 500,000 psi.

At Street Race Solutions, we use this assembly lubricant on a range of fastener installations. We have confidence in the true torque specifications and ARP, who are renowned as the leaders in fasteners for very good reason. We’ve used this product time after time on head studs, main studs and every fastener to ensure best practice and reliability with every build. You’ll find these kits on all SRS builds including GHEE UP and BIG DEAL.

Product Number: 100-9908


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