ARP 4G63 Rod Bolts


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ARP 4G63 Rod Bolts (1994 & Later, M8)

ARP 4G63 Con Rod Bolts (1994 & Later, M8)

Automotive Racing Products (ARP) are the leading brand in fastener technology. All fasteners are made with the highest quality materials with quality assurance testing.

ARP manufactures fasteners from a wide assortment of materials ranging from popular stainless steel and 8740 chrome moly to exotic alloys that have been developed to handle space travel.

ARP2000®: ARP2000 is an alloy steel that can be safely heat treated to a higher level, producing a greater strength material than 8740. While 8740 and ARP2000 share similar characteristics – ARP2000 is capable of achieving a clamp load at 220,000 psi. ARP2000 is used widely in short track and drag racing as an up-grade from 8740 chrome moly in both steel and aluminum rods. Stress corrosion and hydrogen embrittlement are typically not a problem, providing care is taken during installation.

Socket Size: 1/4 hex

ARP 4G63 Rod Bolts (1994 & Later, M8) Part Number: 107-6002

Please note: ARP offers the rod bolt kit for Mitsubishi 4G63 for both Pre-1994 and 1994 & Later, M8 or M9. This kit suits 1994 & Later only and is M8. If you require any of the other rod bolt kit options, please contact us!

At Street Race Solutions, we utilise ARP fasteners in our own engine builds. If you have any question relating to fasteners, please call us on 07 4602 3858!


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