ARP 4G63 Head Stud Kit


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ARP 4G63 Head Stud Kit

Automotive Racing Products (ARP) are renowned as the leaders fasteners in Australia (and worldwide) for car enthusiasts and high performance cars! From the street to the drag strip, there is a very good chance that most builds are using ARP bolts!

When selecting which head stud is best for an 4G63 engine, ARP head studs should be the first place you start looking!

ARP 4G63 Head Stud Kit Options

ARP RB30 Head Studs (DOHC) are available in standard or custom 1/2″ stud sizes. Please note that 1/2″ 4G63 head studs are not a drop-in replacement and modification to your engine would be required to use these studs.

  • ARP2000 Head Stud Kit: Direct OEM replacement head stud (Part Number: 2074203)
  • CA625+ Head Stud Kit: Direct OEM replacement head stud (Part Number: 2074302)
  • L19 Head Stud Kit: Direct OEM replacement head stud (Part Number: ARPL197B)
  • Custom 1/2″ L19 Head Stud Kit: Requires modification of the cylinder head or block to fit (Part Number: 4GL191/2HSK)

ARP 4G63 Head Stud Kit Materials:

ARP2000®: ARP2000 is a common upgrade for those seeking superior strength and fatigue properties to the 8740 chrome moly head studs. Especially in high-performance and turbo engines, combustion generates significant forces that can cause the head gasket to fail if not properly secured. ARP2000 is treated to a higher level giving a strength of 220,000 psi (vs max 210,000 psi of 8740 chrome moly) therefore the ability to withstand these forces to a greater degree and maintain a tight seal between the cylinder head and engine block. The ARP2000 head studs are a common upgrade for higher performance race cars and are suitable for use with steel and aluminium rods. Note, care must be taken when installing ARP2000 bolts to ensure the bolts remain free of contaminates!

Custom Age 625 Plus®: As a relatively new material, Custom Age 625 Plus (CA625+) is a super-alloy that gives superior fatigue, tensile strength and toughness than 8740 chrome moly and ARP2000. These studs offer complete resistance to atmospheric corrosion and oxidation! ARP have been the leaders in CA625+ stud manufacture and testing, achieving a new tensile strength of between 260,000 psi and 280,000 psi. This higher tensile stud provides the robustness and stability needed for extreme heat and pressure conditions and therefore are designed for high performance and racing applications.

L19: This premium steel outperforms both the ARP2000 and CA625+ materials in both strength and fatigue properties. With a clamp load of 260,000 psi, the L19 head stud is most commonly used in short track and drag racing applications where inertia loads exceed the capabilities of the ARP2000 material. Note, extreme care must be taken to keep L19 well-oiled and not exposed to moisture when handling as the material is easily contaminated and subject to stress corrosion.

1/2″ Custom L19: This 1/2″ custom made kit includes studs, washer and bolts. Modification to your cylinder head or block is required as these are a NOT direct drop-in replacement for the OEM 4G63 head stud! Lead times may apply.

ARP 4G63 Head Stud Kit Suits: Mitsubishi 2.0L 4G63 4-Cylinder (MITSUBISHI EVO IV – IX (7-BOLT 4G63/64))

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At Street Race Solutions, we utilise ARP Head Studs in all of our engine builds. If you have any question relating to 4G63 Head Studs or another set, please call us on 07 4602 3858!


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