ACL Race Bearings – 1JZ & 2JZ Conrod Bearings



ACL Race Bearings – 1JZ & 2JZ Conrod Bearings

The ACL 1JZ & 2JZ Conrod Bearings are the bearings on choice for your JZ engine! Manufactured to exacting tolerances with precision measurement systems delivers consistent wall thickness and crush accuracy. ACL Bearings ensure reliable fit and help with maintaining consistent clearances.

Suits: Toyota 1JZ and Toyota 2JZ engines.

About ACL RACE Series Bearings: 

For over 70 years precision engine bearings have been manufactured in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia. During this time ACL has been a major OEM supplier to the Australian & International automotive industry, whilst providing an extensive replacement product range for the global aftermarket.

Today ACL produces one of the largest aftermarket range of engine bearings and has a global reputation for robust metallurgy, quality, precision, innovation and performance.

ACL has a long and rich history in motorsport – it is in their DNA. The ACL RACE Series Performance Engine Bearings of today has a strong pedigree in motor racing that traces its roots back to the 1960’s with the manufacture of engine bearings for use in the world conquering Brabham Formula 1.

If you place demands on your engine, demand the best. ACL RACE Series performance engine bearings have a proud and rich history in motorsport. From precision manufacturing to material enhancements and proven performance, ACL has your engine covered.


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