Platinum Racing Products – Nissan RB 2WD Dry Sump Pan



Platinum Racing Products is proud to announce the revolutionary RB 2WD Dry Sump Pan!

PRP have undertaken this huge project to design, develop, and test a one-piece billet dry sump with integrated oiling components. This is a significant undertaking that will revolutionize the performance engine industry.

The dry sump systems offers several advantages over traditional wet sump systems, including improved engine lubrication as well as the key factor of controlling air contamination within the oil. The use of one piece billet alloy construction increases strength, durability, and containment of oil channels as well as the added bonus of removing the requirement of external oil lines as potential points of failure, aesthetics and costs.

Through the use of advanced computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations, and consultation with industry leaders in the field, PRP has been able to analyze and optimize the oil supply and flow within the system, ensuring that the engine receives a consistent and reliable oil supply, even under extreme conditions. Manufactured from 100kg billet, the component has been developed to integrate not only the oil pump, but also the turbo oil feed within the pan itself. Optional mechanical fuel pump and modular front differential can be incorporated due to PRP’s state of the art 5 axis machines.


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