Bosch 550cc Injector


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Bosch fuel injection technology sets the standard in professional motorsport around the world. All Bosch Motorsport injectors are manufactured to the exacting standards of an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM): individual injector flow tolerances are less than +/- 1.5% compared to ‘aftermarket’ injectors approx. +/-5%.


  • 547cc/min = 374g/min = 50lb/hr @ 3bar
  • Dual cone spray
  • Standard body length
  • Regular tip nozzle
  • 12 ohm resistance
  • USCAR connector
  • E85 compatible

Would Suit:

– Generic use
– Custom applications

About Bosch Motorsport: 

Bosch Motorsport is a division of the global Bosch Group, a leading supplier of technology and services worldwide. From weekend enthusiast to Formula 1, Bosch has been providing advanced electronics, components and service for motorsport and high performance applications internationally since 1901. Worldwide experience and race proven technology backed by local support is in your race car when you use Bosch Motorsport components.


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